Premier Donor Club FAQ

What is the Premier Donor Club?

The Premier Donor Club (PDC) is Hoxworth Blood Center's program to recognize donation frequency and motivate donors to respond to special-needs requests. This program is now an online "store" where donors redeem points for recognition gifts.

Members of the PDC can easily schedule appointments, review donation history, update contact information and are recognized for lifesaving donations.

How does the Premier Donor Club work?

Donors who create an online account using their unique Donor ID in the Donor Portal can earn points for donations at a Neighborhood Donor Center or mobile blood drive. The points vary according to the type of blood product donated.

Donors can "spend" their points in the Premier Donor Club online store for a variety of recognition gifts--or they can donate their points to support Hoxworth projects.

Is a donor automatically enrolled in the Premier Donor Club?

No. A donor must first create an online account in the Donor Portal, using his or her unique Donor ID, to join the Premier Donor Club.

Can donors without computer access join the Premier Donor Club?

Yes. Donors can enroll by calling the Appointment Center (513-451-0910). Appointment Center staff will assist the donor in creating an account.

How can a donor view what is in the online store?

Only donors who have created a Donor Portal account using his or her unique Donor ID will be able to begin earning points and actually see the items available in the Premier Donor Club.

How can a donor view his or her point total?

Donors with active accounts should log in and click on the Donor Club tab to see their point total as well as the items in the store and the point value assigned to each.

What is in the online store?

Items in the store include gift cards to concerts, local restaurants, bookstores, and movie theaters. There also are limited Hoxworth apparel items.

How soon after a donation will points be added to the donor account?

Donors should allow three business days for their account to reflect the points earned from a donation.

I donated and then found out about the Premier Donor Club; can my donation earn points if I create a Donor Portal account right away?

Yes, Hoxworth provides a two-day grace period for donors to create a Donor Portal Account after they have given. Donations made within two days prior to creating a Donor Portal account will earn points in the Premier Donor Club.

Is there a limit to how many points a donor can earn?

Yes, there is a limit. No additional points will be added if a donor reaches 25,000 points.

How do donors redeem points?

All items in the online store are assigned a point value. Donors log into their account and order items they want with the points they have earned. The item will be mailed to the donor's home address (or a preferred address).

How do donors redeem points if they do not have computer access?

Donors can call the Appointment Center to learn what is in the store and staff will place the orders. (Donors without a home computer are encouraged to utilize computers available at public libraries if this better suits their needs).

Can points expire?

Points expire if there is no account activity for more than 18 months. Activity means donations and/or redeeming points. Inactivity due to deferral will not be counted against donors. For example, if a donor receives a one-year deferral, that will not count as inactivity.

Will donors receive points for donations made before the launch of the Donor Club?

No. Points are earned only for donations made after the launch of the Premier Donor Club on January 30, 2013.

Will there be a time when donors donate blood, but don't receive points for the Donor Club?

Yes. During certain blood drives or neighborhood donor center events, where promotional or incentive items are being given directly to the donor, Hoxworth may choose not to allocate donor points. That is due to the donors receiving an item on-site and Hoxworth will indicate when this will take place in advance of the blood drives or promotional events.

Will there be a time when donors receive extra points for their donations?

Yes. Hoxworth has the ability to assign extra points as necessary--for example, when the blood inventory levels are especially low or inclement weather has caused the cancellations of blood drives. Hoxworth will indicate when this will take place in advance of the promotion.

There is a category called Pay it Forward. What does it mean?

"Pay it Forward"€ refers to the option where donors can support worthy causes by donating their Donor Club points. This is part of our Amplified Altruism program, which are the programs that encourage individuals to help local patients with blood donations while simultaneously benefiting other worthwhile endeavors.

Who should I contact if I have questions about my order?

If you have questions about the PDC or about an order you have placed, you can contact Laney Harlow at laney.harlow@uc.edu or 513-558-1409. Please have your name, telephone number and Donor ID number ready.