Angel Smith


Local Mom Counts on Blood Donors


Angel Smith, a St. Bernard High School graduate, is about to take on a career helping others in part because so many people in the community have helped to keep her alive.

The local mother was born with a condition that prevents her from absorbing iron normally. On top of that, she also suffers from an ailment which doctors have told her may result in a hysterectomy.

Angel has an 8-year-old son who she calls her pride and joy but longs to have more children in the future.

“Blood product is extremely important for saving my life,” says Angel. “There have been several instances where I passed out and was to the point of death. It is also key in keeping me healthy and allowing me to be able to conceive again.”

The future nurse knows personally the importance of blood donors and what they mean to not only the recipient, but to the family and friends of the recipient as well.

“To the donors who give blood, I want to say thank you for giving me a part of you so I can live and possibly bring another life into this world,” says Angel. “You are greatly appreciated. If it weren't for you a lot of us recipients wouldn't be here.”

She also has a message for those who may not understand the importance of blood donations.

“Just a little of your time could mean more time living for someone else,” Angel says. “Anyone could need blood at any time. Even you. What would happen if you or a loved one needed blood and the doctors told you there isn't any because no one had time, or they were afraid of needles. Blood is hope.”