A longstanding Cincinnati institution, Hoxworth Blood Center is the oldest operating blood center in the United States and a pioneer in the field of transfusion medicine. Learn more about the history of Hoxworth Blood Center. 

Hoxworth's History


The Blood Center opened its doors December 10, 1938, as one of the nation’s first community blood centers, under the direction of Dr. Paul I. Hoxworth. The service was initially under the auspices of the Hamilton County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Black and white photo of Dr. Paul Hoxworth holding a glass bottle of donated blood.

Dr. Paul Hoxworth with a glass bottle of donated blood.


Two blood mobiles in front of a building circa 1940s

The American Red Cross moved to disassociate itself from blood banking activities.

UC College of Medicine Dean Stanley Dorst and Dr. Hoxworth persuaded University of Cincinnati President Raymond Walters to agree to University sponsorship for the Blood Center. It became the University of Cincinnati Blood Transfusion Service.


The Transfusion Service outgrew its original quarters in Cincinnati General Hospital Ward C Basement and moved to Pavilion H quarters.


The Transfusion Service began platelet processing.


Dr. Hoxworth retired from the Center.


The Transfusion Service was renamed The Paul I. Hoxworth Blood Center of the University of Cincinnati.

Black and white photo of a vintage bloodmobile

Vintage blood mobile from the Paul I. Hoxworth Blood Center of the University of Cincinnati


Dr. Tibor J. Greenwalt was named director of the Blood Center.


The Paul I. Hoxworth Blood Center of the University of Cincinnati was changed to Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati.


Hoxworth implemented an on-line computer system making the Blood Center one of the most computerized centers in the country.

Black and white photo of large group of Hoxworth staff in 1987

Hoxworth employees in 1987


Dr. Tibor Greenwalt retired as director of Hoxworth, remains director of Research Division

Dr. Thomas F. Zuck became Hoxworth’s director.


Hoxworth Blood Center implemented more sensitive HIV and Hepatitis C tests to increase the safety of the blood supply.


Hoxworth went live on its new blood bank data management system, SafeTrace.

Image of sign outside of Hoxworth Donor Center on University of Cincinnati Medical Campus

Image of sign outside of Hoxworth Donor Center on University of Cincinnati Medical Campus


Hoxworth strategically implements automated blood collection to increase red cell collections.

Dr. Ronald A. Sacher became Hoxworth’s director.


Hoxworth achieved a 100% leukocyte-reduced blood and blood component inventory.

Additional automation to collect double red cells introduced.  


FACT accreditation achieved for our Cellular Therapy Laboratory and Apheresis Collections.

Dr. Tibor Greenwalt becomes Emeritus Director of Research


Annual Fund Drive initiated.

Joined Blood Centers of America.

Awarded one of 6 National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute contracts to participate in REDS-II, Retrovirus Epidemiology Donor Study-II.


Dr. Tibor Greenwalt, Director Emeritus, passed away at the age of 91. 


Implemented Acrodose Pre-pooled Platelets, allowing 5-day storage of a pooled component.


Implemented Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) reduction strategies for our blood supply.


Hoxworth Blood Center celebrated its 70th anniversary of saving lives!

Hoxworth Blood Center presented our new logo to the community.  


New donor bus added to the fleet.


Hoxworth launches new slogan – “Our Donors Save Lives.  Who Will You Save?”

Hoxworth introduced triple platelet collections.


Dr. Susan Wilkinson retired as Associate Director of Hoxworth.

REDS-II Study closed. 

UC Health opened its Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Program in October.  The program directly impacts Hoxworth Blood Centers Cellular Therapy, Therapeutic Apheresis and Transplantation Immunology Departments.


Hoxworth’s Transfusion Service at CCHMC was accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP)


Hoxworth celebrated its 75th anniversary of saving lives.

A red and white Hoxworth donor bus parked in Downtown Cincinnati

One of Hoxworth's donor buses


Hoxworth purchased a new bloodmobile.

Therapeutic Apheresis moved to the 3rd floor of the building to accommodate increased operations.


Dr. Patricia Carey retired as Medical Director of Hoxworth.  

Dr. David Oh is named Chief Medical Officer of Hoxworth Blood Center.

Dr. Jose Cancelas is named director of the Blood Center after the retirement of Dr. Ronald Sacher.


Hoxworth celebrated it's 85th anniversary of Saving Lives Close to Home.