High School Donors

Saving Lives Takes All Types

Hoxworth Blood Center offers students an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand how they can contribute to their community by making a difference in the lives of people around them. Students who participate in organizing blood drives learn valuable skills in leadership, community service, communication, project management, planning, setting and reaching goals and teamwork.

Did you know that more than 13 percent of our total yearly blood collections come from high school blood drives? In fact, during the last school year, there were approximately 12,000 donors at high school blood drives. Since one donation can save up to three lives, about 36,000 tri-state patients were helped by students in just one year.

Graduate with Honors! 
Hoxworth Blood Center is excited to give high school blood donors the opportunity to graduate with honors. This program acknowledges your act of being a lifesaving blood donor and rewards you with an honorary Red Cord to wear during your graduation ceremony.

You can qualify to receive a Red Cord by making two (2) lifesaving donations during your high school career. These donations can be made at your high school blood drive or by visiting one of our neighborhood donor centers. If you are not eligible to donate, but volunteer at Hoxworth Blood Center or serve on your high school blood drive committee, you will also receive a Red Cord.