Transfusion Medicine Video Library

We invite you to view the videos below from recent lectures.  These videos contain relevant topics from experts in the field of Transfusion Medicine.  

Perioperative Transfusion of the Liver Transplant Patient, Courtney Jones, MD, UC College of Medicine

Current Landscape of Stem Cell Transplantation Modalities, Edward Faber, DO, MS, UC College of Medicine

New Insights on the Rh Blood Group System in the Genomics Era 
Grand Rounds presented by Connie Westhoff, SBB, PhD , Executive Scientific Director, Immunohematology and Genomics, New York Blood Center

Transfusion Management in Pre-hospital Settings of Massively Bleeding Patients, Timothy Pritts, MD, PhD

Trauma Induced Coagulopathy and Laboratory in Trauma Massive Bleeding, Michael D. Goodman, MD, FACS

Red Cell Exchange in Sickle Cell Disease, Charles Quinn, MD, MS

Obstetric Hemorrhagic Emergencies, Candace Snyder, MD

Sickle Cell Disease:  Indications of Transfusion in SCD, Russell Ware, MD, PhD

Hemolytic Disease and Thrombocytopenia of the Fetus and Newborn (HDFN/ITP), Kara Markham, MD

Red Cell Exchange for Patients with Cardiovascular Complications of Sickle Cell Disease
Grand Rounds presented by  Darrell J. Triulzi, MD Professor of Pathology, University of Pittsburgh, Medical Director Vitalant, Pittsburgh, PA