Donor Stories

71 Gallon Platelet Donor and Dedicated Hoxworth Volunteer

"I encourage everyone to give that first unit of blood. You'll be surprised how easy and painless it will be and I feel absolutely without a doubt, wonderful, every time I donate."

Transforming Lives One Pint at a Time - A Journey of Hope and Healing

“I hope my blood goes to those in need like young children who are sick or someone that is going through cancer or leukemia or someone who has been in a major accident.”

"Donating is a free and easy way to give back. I have always believed that we should do more to help out our fellow humans.“  

 “It’s a comforting feeling knowing that someone here in our community is going to get this blood that will save or extend their life.”

“I know first-hand, it will save or impact someone’s life and I get a thrill because of that,” he says. “Just knowing I’m making a difference is what this is all about."

“It is heartbreaking when one receives a call indicating we are short of blood or platelets for patients in need in our community, and feel impotence. All my medical knowledge is useless in situations of short supply. I want to contribute to prevent these situations of seasonal shortage…there is no substitute for blood donations.”

“When I carry in a cooler or two of blood, it is clear where it is going and the reach that it will have.  I know that I am oversimplifying this, but it is a gift to do the math—each donation can save up to 3 lives and each cooler can contain 30-35 donations. It’s impossible not to be grateful to have even a small role in the power of those numbers.”

“I just want to help people. We know there’s a chance that this treatment could work—and if the patient has no other choice, why not? There’s nothing to lose but just an hour of our time.”

Livi might only be nine years old, but lifesaving already runs her veins. 

“In Judaism, there is no good deed greater than that of saving a human life. This is exactly what those blood donors did during Leora's Mitzvah Day. What a beautiful way to mark Leora's bat mitzvah - her entrance into a Jewish adulthood that we hope will be filled with acts of loving kindness.” 

"The blood products I give go to real people with real problems, and sometimes they save lives. If you're healthy, I think it's an obligation. It's the right thing to do!" - Michael Brautigam

UC Physician Donates 100th Unit of Blood--And Hopes Others Will Join Him

A local husband and wife have made it their mission to do something good for their community by donating blood, and are encouraging others to join them.

“I think donating blood or platelets is a simple way to be a good person."