Volunteering at Hoxworth

Can't donate blood? Or just looking for more ways to help?

Hoxworth is always looking for positive, energetic individuals to join our volunteer team! Whether you're a student, a retiree or someone who just wants to give back, we always have a need for volunteers.

Our volunteers lend their helping hands in a variety of ways, from driving donated blood back to our laboratories for processing to registering donors at blood drives or helping raise funds at Hoxworth's annual golf outing. No matter the task, our group of 100+ volunteers are vital to our operations and make a lifesaving impact by helping where they are needed most.

Interested in joining our team of volunteers? Email Jamie Glahn or Connie Galvin for more information. 

Headshot of James Glahn

James Glahn

Manager, Volunteer Services

(513) 558-1294

Headshot of Connie Galvin

Connie Galvin

Assistant Manager, Volunteer Services

(513) 558-1292