Hoxworth High School Grant Program

Our high school partners play an essential role in collecting lifesaving blood products for patients in more than 30 area hospitals. We are thrilled to announce that you can double the impact of your High School Blood Drives through our new High School Grant Program

Young male donor giving blood on Hoxwort Donor Bus

The Hoxworth High School Grant Program offers four tiers of grant rewards to high schools that host two or more Hoxworth blood drives within an academic year (roughly August through May). 

Schools that reach a specified goal of collected blood products throughout the academic year will receive a grant for any academic endeavor of their choosing, such as extracurriculars, student groups or school events. 

By continuing to host blood drives with Hoxworth Blood Center and encouraging your students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to roll up a sleeve during the school year, your school can earn a grant while Saving Lives Close to Home! 

2022 - 2023 High School Grant Amounts
Total Units Collected  Grant Amount 










A grid of 4 photos, picturing various students and teachers from Mercy McAuley donating blood.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Hoxworth High School Grant Program begin and end? 

The program will run from the beginning of the academic year to the end—so roughly August 1 through May 31. 

My school already hosts one blood drive each school year; are we eligible for this program?

Schools must host at least two blood drives each academic school year to be eligible for grants.  Your Hoxworth Blood Drive Recruiter can help you schedule another blood drive during the academic year.  

Parents are not able to donate at our school blood drives. How can they participate?

Parents who are not able to donate at school blood drives can have their donations counted toward their school by donating at one of Hoxworth’s seven Neighborhood Donor Centers and have that donation count toward their child’s school.  Your blood drive recruiter can provide your school’s unique sponsor code. 

When will results be calculated and announced? 

Total collections will be tabulated following the end of the school year. Schools can expect to hear results by the end of June.  You can always engage your Hoxworth recruiter to check on your progress towards earning a grant.

Who is eligible to donate blood?

Group of young high school students at a Hoxworth registration table

Eligible individuals must be at least 17 years old (or 16 with parental consent), weigh at least 110 lbs., and feel generally well and healthy.  Females under the age of 18 can donate once in 12-month period, while males under the age of 18 can donate twice in a 12-month period.

To see if you can donate, visit our eligibility guidelines

New to donating blood? Get all the information you need on our New Donor / Blood Donation 101 page. 

We need help growing our blood drive numbers. How can we encourage more people to donate?

The biggest way to grow your blood drive is the spread the word! To spread awareness and encourage signups, Hoxworth suggests: 

  • Use morning or afternoon announcements to remind students and staff to sign up for the blood drive
  • Send out a weekly email to the school with a link to the sign-up page
  • Include drive dates on your electronic boards or school signs
  • Pass out flyers or have a sign-up table at events and athletic games
  • Create an event on Facebook, school calendar, or intranet
  • Allow teachers to offer extra credit or bonus points for students who sign up and attempt to donate
  • Encourage competition between junior and senior classes and provide a special prize for the class with most registered donors
  • Permit students to get creative with blood drive promotion and paint  temporary murals, create outdoor chalk art, or use stickers to spread awareness
  • Have a teacher who has donated blood write an op-ed for the school newspaper about why they donate
  • Consider profiling a student, staff member, or parent who has received blood transfusions to highlight the need for blood products and why it’s important to donate.

Your Hoxworth blood drive recruiter is a great resource for ideas on promoting your blood drive and encouraging sign ups.  We can also arrange to have a speaker from Hoxworth come to an assembly or class to discuss the need for blood and how to donate. 

I'm ready to earn rewards for my school! How can I contact a blood drive recruiter?

Are you ready to save lives? To get started, contact a Hoxworth blood drive recruiter.

If your school hasn't hosted a drive in the past, please fill out a drive request form. 

If you are an experienced school, your assigned Hoxworth recruiter can help you get ready for your next drive.