New Blood Donors

You have a unique power running through your veins—the power to save lives, right here in our community. Will you help?

Why Donate Blood?

Hands holding a blood drop sculpture
  • You can save a life close to home. Hoxworth serves more than 30 hospitals in the Tri-State, so your donation could change the life of someone in your community.
  • One donation can save up to three lives. By separating blood into components, you can help multiple people with your red cells, platelets, and plasma.
  • Pay it forward. Every five minutes, someone in the Tri-State area needs blood. You never know when you, a family member, a neighbor, or friend will need an emergency blood transfusion.
  • An hour of your time could give someone a lifetime. A whole blood donation usually takes less than an hour —and only 10 minutes of that is spent in the donation chair!

First Time Donors

Female donor giving a whole blood donation at a Hoxworth blood drive

Sarah Spite, blood recipient and Hoxworth donor

  • What can I expect? All donors will fill out a health and travel history and complete a mini-physical (including checking blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and iron levels) before they donate.
  • Will it hurt? For the most part, no! Most of our donors report feeling a small pinch, and that’s it.
  • Tattooed donors welcome. It is a common myth that individuals with tattoos or permanent makeup can’t donate blood. Actually, if your tattoo was applied in a sterile manner at a licensed facility in most states, you can donate as soon as your ink is healed.

The Need is Real

  • We need you. Every day, 400 blood donors and 50 platelet donors are needed to help save lives in our local community.
  • There is no artificial substitute for blood. Blood can’t be manufactured in a lab—it has to come from willing volunteer donors like you.
  • It’s not just whole blood! Hoxworth has an urgent need for platelet donors. Platelets are a component of blood essential for clotting, and they are especially important for cancer patients, transplant recipients and trauma victims. Platelets only have a shelf life of five days, so the need is constant.
  • Every blood type has a unique superpower. Depending on your blood type, you may be asked to donate a specific blood product (like red cells, plasma, or platelets) to make your donation as effective as possible.

Tips for your donation

  • Don’t skip breakfast! Before donating, be sure to eat a healthy meal and drink plenty of fluids. Eating snacks after your donation is also highly encouraged.
  • Come prepared. Bring a photo ID, a list of current medications, and recent travel history to make your registration smooth and swift.