Publications and Patents


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Platelet Storage Methods and Compositions for Same. Zheng Y, Cancelas J.

US Patent 10405538 September 10, 2019. Publication: US010405538B2

Platelet Storage Methods and Compositions for Same. Zheng Y, Cancelas J.

US Patent 10028503 B2 July 24, 2018. Publication US010028503B2 Jul 24, 2018; US 2018/0139952 A1 May 24, 2018

Compositions and methods for slowing, preventing, or reversing platelet damage, particularly as may occur during blood banking or during refrigeration of platelets. The composition may include one or more of a RAC inhibitor, a CDC42 inhibitor, a RHOA inhibitor, or a combination thereof. The compositions may further include a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.

Prolonged Storage of Red Blood Cells and Composition. Hess JR, Greenwalt TJ

Issue Date: November 21, 2000, US Patent # 6150085

Novel additive solutions that are useful for the storage of human red blood cells (RBCs) under refrigerated conditions. Also, a method of using the additive solutions in an appropriate volume to preserve RBCs at about 1 to 6°C for up to 10 weeks. The solutions and processes allow the viable storage of human RBCs for an extended period of time in a solution which is directly infusible in humans.

Preservation and Shelf Life Extension of Blood Cells. Hess JR, Greenwalt TJ

Issue Date: November 20, 2001, US Patent # 6447987

Preservative solutions that extend the useful shelf-life of red cells from the current 6 to 12 weeks. This intellectual property is shared by the US Army and the University of Cincinnati. Implementation is expected to save 600,000 units from outdating annually, to reduce seasonal shortages of blood, and to make autologous donor programs more efficient.

Compositions Substantially Free of Sodium Chloride and Methods For The Storage of Red Blood Cells. Hess JR, Greenwalt TJ

Issue Date: April 29, 2014, US Patent # 8709707

Composition of a solution for storage of red blood cells consisting essentially of: adenine; dextrose; a non- metabolizable membrane-protectant sugar; and a specifically defined pH buffering system. Improved methods for preserving red blood cells and methods for increasing the viability, membrane retention, and recoverability while suppressing apoptosis, hemolysis, and post-reinfusion clearance of stored red blood cells which utilize the novel compositions.