Hoxworth Director, Jose A. Cancelas, MD, PhD

Jose A. Cancelas, MD, PhD

Professor, Pediatrics, UC Academic Health Center
Director, Hoxworth Blood Center
Medical Director, Cellular Therapies
Stem Cell Program Leader, Division of Experimental Hematology & Biology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC)




Christopher Nare

Christopher M. Nare  MS, M.T. (AMT)

Associate Director/Chief Operating Officer

Dr. David Oh

David Oh, MD

Chief Medical Officer and Division Director, Clinical Services Hoxworth Blood Center
Associate Professor, Clinical, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UC College of Medicine
Transfusion Services Medical Director, University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Alin Girnita

Alin Girnita, MD, PhD, D-ABHI

Professor of Clinical, Surgery, UC Academic Health Center
Division Director, Transplantation Immunology

Judith Gonzalez, Division Director of Labs

Judith Gonzalez, BS, MT(ASCP), CLS

Division Director, Laboratories

Janice Habel, Division Director of Quality Assurance

Janice Habel, BS, MT(ASCP)

Division Director, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Education

Scott Inscho

Scott Inscho, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Ben King, Division Director, Donor Operations

Ben King, BS

Division Director, Donor Operations

Tom Leemhuis

Thomas Leemhuis, PhD

Associate Professor,  Pediatrics, UC Academic Health Center
Division Director, Cellular Therapies, Hoxworth Blood Center

Rufan Li, Chief Marketing Officer

Carolyn Lutzko

Carolyn Lutzko, PhD

Associate Professor, Pediatrics, UC Academic Health Center
Director, Cell Manipulations and Development Laboratories, Translational Core Laboratory, Division of Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology, CCHMC
Division Director, Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy, Hoxworth Blood Center

Alecia Lipton

Alecia Lipton, MHA

Interim Division Director, Donor Recruitment & Community Relations