Recipient Stories

Local Principal’s Battle with Leukemia sparks community support with Hoxworth blood drive hosted by Independence Elementary School in Lakota School District, Liberty Township

"Thanks to Hoxworth blood donors, I'm still here. Thanks to your blood donation, you are giving others more time to do the things that they enjoy. You'll be their hero."

From Giving to Receiving: A Life Transformed by Hoxworth Blood Donors

How Hoxworth Blood Donors Became Lifesaving Heroes in Heather’s Battle against Leukemia

A Tale of Courage, Support, and the Extraordinary Generosity of Strangers

Honoring the legacy of Benjamin Messer's short life, his family hosts “Ben Strong Week” the week of his passing each year. Events during this week include a Random Acts of Kindness day, Read to a Child day, Thank a Healthcare Worker day, and the Ben Strong giveback blood drive every year to continue Benjamin’s legacy.

“I thank God for the grace to still be here and for all those in the medical community, especially the Hoxworth team, that have helped me see and experience all these years of life that otherwise would not exist for me without your help.”

"Receiving the transfusion helped me appreciate that blood donations were not just for rare and extreme life-threatening situations, but also needed for chronic and quality-of-life conditions."

“Donating blood is everything. It really can give the person receiving it peace of mind. I rely on blood, so not to have it is scary.”

“I would not be here and would not have survived the (double lung) transplant if not for the available blood."

“To those that donate, I would like to say thank you—and to think about the lives you can save from just one single donation!” 

"Blood donation is one of the most selfless acts of kindness anyone can give and it saves lives. Blood donors are real-life superheroes—just like Cohen!” 

 “There are many heroes with no capes walking around us every day saving lives with their donations. Many underestimate that this simple act of kindness they do actually saves a life!” 

“Thank you for taking the time out of your day when you could be doing something else. Thank you for making blood donation a priority, a routine.  Thank you for thinking of others--for people you don't even know. My little boy has a life completely unlike the one he would be having if he didn't receive blood and it is only because of blood donors.”

“I want blood donors to know that I will never forget them, and that they matter. Giving blood matters. I am living proof of that. I so wish I could meet my donors and give them a hug. But I will settle for raising awareness for the need of blood donation.” 

“During each round of chemotherapy, Emma's blood counts would drop. Without blood product transfusions, our little Emma would not be able to have this fighting chance at life!”

“You have no idea how much receiving blood changes your life until you need it and receive it. I am so fortunate to have been able to receive blood from the local supply.”

“I want blood donors to know that I will never forget them, and that they matter. Giving blood matters. I am living proof of that. I so wish I could meet my donors and give them a hug. But I will settle for raising awareness for the need of blood donation.” 

"What you do matters.  Blood transfusions SAVED Brynn’s life. They save Brynn’s life EACH day.  We have our sweet girl with us EVERY day because of generous and selfless blood donors…and we can’t wait for her to continue to show this world what she’s made of."

“I survived a very traumatic episode with what has been a long, challenging recovery; however, my lingering thoughts focus not on that but on the blood donors – the people who voluntarily shared their own life’s blood with me."

“I felt like an entirely new person after the transfusion and I am so grateful that it is something I was able to receive when I desperately needed it."

“Once I was able to grasp everything that was happening and was able to realize all of the amazing people and blood product that was able to save his life, I knew it was now our turn to show our gratitude and help replenish the blood product that was used to save Noah’s life, in hopes to save others."

"My future is much brighter and I am much more hopeful because of therapeutic apheresis. It truly has saved my life and given me relief no medicine ever has. I am able to live a normal life because of it, and be who I am instead of who PANDAS turns me into."

"The units of blood that were transfused in an effort to save Stephanie’s life were immediately available because of blood donors who previously donated their blood – and made the time to save lives."

“Trust me as living proof, you never see it coming when you will be dependent upon these life-giving gifts from others, but when you do, you never take a drop for granted.”

"I am so thankful there are amazing, selfless, lifesaving heroes out there that are willing to donate their blood. Without these donations, I wouldn't be here to celebrate life's many tiny miracles." - Heather Bennett

"I would not be where I am today if it weren't for blood donors and their selfless act of kindness." - Kilee Brookbank

Blood and platelet transfusions played a critical role in Maeryn's care.

"I explained to my friends and family that I've needed blood to stay alive. I told them, wouldn't you like to save lives with a simple donation?" - Julia Gardner

Madeleine Luongo received many blood transfusions during her short life--and while she was only two months old when she passed away, her family is making sure that her short life leaves a lasting impact on the community.

"The individuals that have to live with the fatal disease known as Sickle Cell need your help. We will forever be indebted to you for giving us the opportunity that some take for granted--LIFE." - Carla Howard

Bonnie Collins is grateful to have the support of many blood and platelet donors, who were essential to keeping her daughter, Maya alive.

"My mother would not be here to fight the battle [against cancer] if she didn't have the blood transfusion at the time of her surgery." - Julie Perry

Heidi Ely grew up believing that blood donation was just a civic duty, not a grand act of service or a reason to brag. But as an adult, she became keenly aware of the importance of donated blood--after receiving it herself.

"In a three month period, Derek received 21 units of platelets and 10 units of red blood cells, sometimes needing two or three platelet transfusions per week. These transfusions saved his life, literally." -Neil Rininger

Sammie Purtee has been donating blood for years, but learned firsthand just how crucial blood transfusions can be in an emergency situation.

Kaleb Kinebrew and his twin brother Kameron need blood donors to stay alive.

"I encourage people to donate, because twenty minutes of their time could give someone years of extra time."

Six local mothers from six different families, each of whom lead very different lives, all have one significant detail in common: without blood donors, they would be dead.

Taryn Walker and her brother King are flourishing at the School for Creative and Performing Arts, but the siblings haven't had the easiest time getting there.

A 17-year-old Portsmouth High School senior was tragically killed in 2008 when his friend accidentally shot him in the chest with an arrow, but an annual blood drive keeps his memory and spirit of giving alive. 

At just 18-months-old, Roman Fariello was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. He fought hard through six rounds of chemotherapy and one round of high dose chemotherapy that killed his bone marrow in preparation for a stem cell transplant.

Jenah Bellamy gave an incredible gift to a couple from West Africa that almost cost her life. She was a surrogate for the couple in 2012, carrying their twins when she was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital at 26 weeks for preterm labor.

Ryan was born with a rare genetic condition that, in simple terms, left him without an immune system. He has relied on blood and platelet donors to help keep him alive.