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Hoxworth Blood Center. Did you know?

  • Second oldest blood center in the country
  • Only blood center in the country connected to a Tier 1 research university
  • Hoxworth turns 85 this year on December 10. Saving Lives Close To Home Since 1938
  • Collects more than 100,000 blood products annually

Cincinnati, a city of many firsts!

  • 1952: First heart-lung machine developed at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center, making open heart surgery possible
  • 1853: First city to establish a municipal fire department and fireman’s pole
  • 1963: Filet-O-Fish sandwich introduced by McDonald's franchise in Cincinnati 
  • 1869: First all-professional team in baseball history…The Cincinnati Red Stockings
  • 1870: First city in the US to establish a municipal university, University of Cincinnati

Hoxworth Departments
Hoxworth Blood Center has five departments that provide high-level, quality services for hospital customers within and beyond our 18-county service area.

Quality Control Laboratory

Provides donor testing and quality assurance testing of all manufactured products to meet all FDA-required donor screening and confirmatory assay.

BBCS Uses:

  • RFID Technology for managing LVDS and PRT platelet inventory
  • Interface between ABO Express and HemaComply for platelets and RBCs

Product Management

Known as Hospital Services at most blood centers, product management oversees inventory management and the distribution of  blood products to hospitals, air ambulances, and other blood centers.


  • Use BloodHub and Biolog-ID interfaced with ABO Express
  • Use RFID technology to manage platelet inventory in-house and at larger hospitals

Components Laboratory

The components laboratory is the manufacturing center for all products obtained through whole blood and apheresis donation. 

BBCS Uses:

  • Each donation is electronically received in the lab using batch processing
  • Use of one-click report generating in Express for label reconciliation and donor sample management
  • Modification in function 264 to record equipment, supplies, and complete an immediate inspection question review
  • Use RFID encoding to aid in tracking and managing products

Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL)

Supports 31 hospital customers with special testing or rare red blood cell needs. Meets rare donor requests throughout the nation and around the world as part of the American Rare Donor Program.

BBCS Uses:

  • Utilize ABO Express for patient testing reporting
  • Interface for donor RBC molecular testing
  • ABO Express calculates rare donors based on antigen frequencies

Donor Services

Blood Donor Services supports Hoxworth's lifesaving work by safely helping local community members give blood.

BBCS Uses:

  • Interface between ABO Wheels and VISTA
  • Interface between ABO Wheels and CMRS
  • Auto upload vs. manual upload for mobile operations

Connect with your Cincinnati BBCS User Group Members

Mollie Bell
Manager, IRL
Phone: 513-558-1588
Email: mollie.bell@uc.edu

Stacy Braun
Clinical Lab Scientist 2
Phone: 513-558-1563
Email: stacy.braun@uc.edu

Tracy Crank
Manager, Donor Services, Quality Assurance
Phone: 513-558- 1305
Email: tracy.crank@uc.edu

Emily Freuck
QARC Specialist 3
Phone: 513-558-1373
Email: emily.freuck@uc.edu

Chriss Ketchem
IT Manager
Phone: 513-558-1248
Email: ketchecr@ucmail.uc.edu

Jenny O'Conner
Director, Hoxworth Laboratories
Phone: 513-558- 1549
Email: jennifer.oconner@uc.edu


Jonathan Ries
Component Lab SME/Blood Bank Technician-Advanced
Phone: 513-558-1570
Email: riesjn@ucmail.uc.edu

Desmond Taylor
Hoxworth Component Manufacturing
Phone: 513-558-1339
Email: taylo3d6@ucmail.uc.edu

George Wells
BBCS Administrator
Phone: 513-558-7061
Email: george.wells@uc.edu