Josh Williams

Donations saved a 12-year-old from death

Josh Williams almost didn't live past the age of 12.

"I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer," Josh recalled. "Because my immune system was so low from the treatments, I started running a very high fever. My parents rushed me to the hospital, and upon arrival, the doctors said I'd need a transfusion or risk possible brain damage due to the fever."

Josh had a blood transfusion that ultimately saved his life.

Because of someone's generous donation, he not only survived but has also become an advocate for saving other's lives.

"I began donating about six years ago because I wanted a way to give back--and get over my fear of needles," said Josh. "The idea of 'paying it forward' is my inspiration to keep donating."

He hopes his story will inspire others to roll up their sleeves and donate.

"If I could say anything to whomever donated the blood to help potentially save my life, it would be 'thank you,'" Josh says.

"And my words of encouragement for potential donors? You never know whose life or lives you may save in the process. It doesn't take superpowers to be a hero to someone. Just the desire to give from the heart."