Raymond Krimple

20 Gallon Blood Donor, 167 Lifetime Donations

Blood donor Raymond Krimple with his son and grandson

Raymond Krimple knows a thing or two about making an impact. He just completed his 167th blood donation at Hoxworth Blood Center in November. That’s about 60 years of donating blood totaling more than 20 gallons, a journey he began in 1962.

Krimple donated his first pint of blood as a senior in high school in 1962 after his sister experienced complications during childbirth and received blood products to survive. Eager to help his sister, Krimple donated at the hospital blood center. 

“I offered to donate blood as a way to help her feel better,” he said. “After she told me that donating would help her, the nurse overheard and made me donate immediately.” 

Upon reflection, Krimple said he is comforted by the longevity of saving so many lives in our community. 

“My donating gives me great comfort knowing my blood saves or extends many lives,” he said, “It is my contribution to society.” 

Additionally, Krimple said he also likes the physical benefit to donating. “I feel that I benefit by obtaining a mini physical as the donated blood is run through many tests before it’s given to someone, confirming the absence of potentially serious health issues.” 

Krimple is a regular at Hoxworth Anderson and often recruits friends to join him for his regularly scheduled whole blood donation. 

“I plan to continue to donate every eight weeks as long as I can or as long as Hoxworth will take my Type B+ blood,” he said. 

Krimple’s message to future donors: “Try and you’ll probably like it,” he said. 

 “It’s a comforting feeling knowing that someone here in our community is going to get this blood that will save or extend their life.”