Betsy & Adeline Leonidas

A Baby Saved

Thirty-five weeks into her pregnancy, Betsy Leonidas contracted a potentially deadly enterovirus that passed through her bloodstream to her unborn baby girl.

Betsy was admitted to Good Samaritan Hospital and underwent an emergency C-section. Baby Adeline was brought into the world, but shortly after Adeline's birth her family's joy turned into terror when complications arose from the virus that was passed to her.

"Seven days after she was born, Adeline went into liver failure, which caused severe internal bleeding," said Betsy.

If Adeline had not been rushed to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in order to be closer to Hoxworth to receive the best care possible, she would have bled to death, according to Betsy.

"After a week of continuous transfusions our sweet Adeline turned a corner towards recovery. We are forever grateful to Hoxworth and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for their effort in saving lives."

Enteroviruses are fairly common and cause about 10 to 15 million infections in the United States each year.

It is reported that if a pregnant mother contracts the virus shortly before delivery, the virus can be passed to the child. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says these babies usually have mild illness. In rare cases they may have severe infection.

The Leonidas family never dreamed they would be dealing with an enterovirus along with the blood and platelet transfusions that followed.

But because Hoxworth donors provided lifesaving blood, Adeline survived and is now thriving.