Miranda Noyes

Transforming Lives One Pint at a Time - A Journey of Hope and Healing

Miranda Noyes is making a remarkable impact in the lives of others through her commitment to regular blood donation at Hoxworth Blood Center, University of Cincinnati. Her journey into this life-saving endeavor is not only driven by her altruistic spirit but also deeply rooted in a personal connection to leukemia, a blood cancer.

Miranda's father, Scott Brumback, was diagnosed with childhood leukemia at the age of 10-years-old. Scott's journey as a leukemia survivor has been an inspiration to Miranda and their entire family.

Miranda Noyes and her father, Scott Brumback
Just do it. If you are capable to give blood, don't let anything hold you back. It feels good, and you can save lives.

Miranda Noyes

Growing up, Miranda vividly remembers her father's desire to donate blood, however, leukemia survivors are currently unable to donate blood. Miranda's father's unfulfilled aspiration to give back to society left a mark on her.

The spark of inspiration finally ignited when Miranda was 18, during her senior year at high school. The opportunity to participate in a blood drive prompted her to start donating blood at Hoxworth Blood Center regularly. Despite a few years passing by before her next donation in her late twenties, the idea of making a difference in someone's life through this simple act of kindness remained close to her heart.

For Miranda, blood donation is a personal reward in itself. She takes immense satisfaction in knowing that she is making a meaningful contribution to the well-being of others. It's her way of following in her father's footsteps and embodying the spirit of selflessness he instilled in her.

Miranda's O Positive blood donations are a lifeline for many in need. Her dedication means the difference between life and death for those requiring blood products. Her commitment has not only saved the lives of local patients but also brought her husband into the fold, making them a dynamic duo of regular Hoxworth blood donors.

When asked what message she'd like to convey to others contemplating regular blood donation, Miranda's advice is simple yet powerful: "Just do it. If you are capable, don't let anything hold you back. It feels good, and you can save lives.” 

“Also, eat snacks until you donate," she adds.

Miranda Noyes is a shining example of how one individual's dedication to a cause, born from a deep-rooted connection and a desire to give back, can ripple through society and make a profound impact. Her story serves as a reminder that even the smallest of gestures can help change the world for the better.

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