Jaclyne Landon

Blood donation takes on new meaning for Hoxworth employee

For Jaclyne Landon, blood was just part of her day-to-day work.

Jaclyne has been a Blood Bank Technologist with Hoxworth Blood Center since June of 2015, so working with blood isn't anything new. She's also been a longtime blood donor since high school. "I always saw donating as an easy way to help others and make a difference in my community," she said.

However, blood donation got a lot more personal for Jaclyne  after her own father survived a severe trauma. An ulcer in his small intestine had caused a severe hemorrhage in one of his arteries, resulting in dramatic blood loss and requiring emergency surgery.

Jaclyne Landon and her father

"He lost so much blood that he had to receive 16 units of red blood cells, 14 units of fresh frozen plasma, and 4 units of platelets before doctors could surgically repair his artery," Jaclyne recalled. "His own blood volume was replaced two times over!"

The blood transfusions were a crucial factor in his ultimately successful surgery. While Jaclyne's father has recovered well at home after spending a month recuperating in the hospital, the experience made a significant impact on the way Jaclyne sees the blood she works with.

"The entire experience has given me a different outlook on blood donation and working for a blood bank," she said. "I was able to see the receiving end of a blood donation...Blood truly saved my father's life and has given me and my siblings more time with our Dad. I can't thank volunteer blood donors enough for that."

And to show her appreciation, Jaclyne recently donated at Hoxworth's Central location to "return the favor for someone else"--and she hopes others will join her.

"I encourage people to donate, because twenty minutes of their time could give someone years of extra time."