Dick Manoukian

71 Gallon Platelet Donor and Dedicated Hoxworth Volunteer

I can't think of anything more serious than someone having a life-threatening disease or situation that could be cured by a blood transfusion and there being no blood product available to help.

Dick Manoukian

Dick with Hoxworth leadership at 85th Anniversary celebration

Dick with Hoxworth leadership at 85th Anniversary celebration

Hoxworth Blood Center recently celebrated their 85th anniversary of saving lives in the greater Cincinnati area and this historic milestone wouldn’t be achieved without volunteer blood donors. During their celebration event, Hoxworth recognized several top donors for their commitment to volunteering through blood donation, and among these local superheroes is 82-year-old Dick Manoukian, whose legacy of blood donation spans over six decades. 

Dick’s journey in blood donation began in 1963 when he was a student at The Ohio State University. Working as a third-shift shipping custodian at the Red Cross Blood Center in Columbus, Ohio, Dick spent many nights filling emergency blood orders and routine orders for hospital deliveries, experiencing first-hand just how important maintaining a steady blood supply is.

“It was during my two years at that job that I became aware that the need for blood products was greater than the available supply,” he recalls. “We frequently had to receive supplemental shipments from other facilities. That's when I decided to become a whole blood donor.”

That was the beginning of Dick's commitment to donating whole blood five times a year, as standard whole blood donors can donate up to every eight weeks. By the early 2000’s, Dick transitioned to donating platelets because of his A Positive blood type and the ability to donate every two weeks, up to 24 times per year – a goal he often achieved. 

Today, Dick has donated 71 gallons of blood and platelets to Hoxworth Blood Center and completed more than 550 lifetime donations with no plans of stopping any time soon. 

“At 82 years old, my next goal is 75 gallons, which should be achievable in the next two years,” shares Dick. “As long as I can find my way to a Neighbor Donor Center, I'll be there donating lifesaving platelets for patients in need.”

Dick driving a Hoxworth van as a volunteer

Dick’s passion for serving his community through blood donation doesn’t stop with his every-two-week platelet donations – Dick is also a committed Hoxworth volunteer where he spends many hours each week transporting blood products from blood drives and helping out at larger community blood drive events. Since 2020, Dick has given 655 hours of service to Hoxworth Blood Center in addition to his time committed to saving lives through donating platelets. 

“It's been a very spiritual journey for me,” he says. “I have been blessed by my Creator with good health and the physical well-being to donate to others who need blood products.”

Throughout the years, Dick has understood the impact of his generosity, but one story stood out for him. 

“At a Hoxworth Donor recognition event that I attended when I received my 55 gallon pin, several recipients of Hoxworth blood products shared what it meant for them or family members to receive our donations,” Dick recalls. “I was literally overcome with emotion hearing their stories of gratitude, even in the case of a father who had lost his twelve-year-old son after a heroic battle with cancer and many, many platelet transfusions.” 

This was a touching moment for Dick and a reminder to just how important and impactful donating blood and platelets is to the greater Cincinnati community and patients battling cancer. 

Dick wants to encourage those to follow in his footsteps and consider donating to help those in need.

Dick at a Hoxworth blood drive

“You'll reap the psychic reward of helping someone you may never know through a health issue toward wellness,” he shares to those who have never donated blood before. 

“I can't think of anything more serious than someone having a life-threatening disease or situation that could be cured by a blood transfusion and there being no blood product available to help.”

As Hoxworth Blood Center continues our lifesaving mission, it is clear that the heart of its success lies in the commitment of volunteer blood donors like Dick Manoukian. His remarkable journey, spanning over six decades and 443 blood and platelet donations, has impacted more than 1,300 lives here in the Tri-State community. We are proud to have donors and volunteers like Dick who embody what it means to serve our community proudly and to give to something larger than ourselves.