Storm Bratchett

Blood Drive Keeps Teen's Memory Alive After Tragedy

A 17-year-old Portsmouth High School senior was tragically killed in 2008 when his friend accidently shot him in the chest with an arrow.

During a break from classes, Storm Bratchett went to the home of a friend who had recently purchased a crossbow.

"The buddy got the crossbow out to show his uncle, loaded and aimed," said Lynn Bratchett, Storm's mother. "The arrow accidentally went off and hit Storm."

He was driven to Southern Ohio Medical Center where doctors worked for hours trying to save his life, using more than 40 pints of blood.

"Storm was a selfless, giving young man," said Lynn. "(He) loved doing for others, loved Jesus, loved giving back when possible."

Every year, Storm's family hosts an annual blood drive to honor the memory of Storm and his legacy of giving back.

"We need to try and remember all the reasons giving blood is important," Lynn said. "There are unforeseen accidents, just like my son's. There have to be pints of blood on hand in the hospitals for a patient to even have a chance to live. It's a quick needle stick and only 30 to 40 minutes of your time."

The drive is held during the first week of March at Christ's Community Church in Portsmouth.

To schedule an appointment, visit hoxworth.org/groups/storm or call (740) 353-1633.