Bob Yeager

40 Years of Saving Lives through Blood Donation at Hoxworth Blood Center

I encourage everyone to give that first unit of blood. You'll be surprised how easy and painless it will be and I feel absolutely without a doubt, wonderful, every time I donate.

Bob Yeager O Positive Blood Donor

At 74 years old, O Positive blood donor Bob Yeager accomplished a goal he made decades ago – donating 200 units of lifesaving blood products with Hoxworth Blood Center. Although he has achieved his goal and earned his cape as a local superhero, he plans to continue donating for as long as he can. 

“I am very happy that I’ve been able to do this. It’s been so meaningful to know that my blood is going somewhere to possibly save a life,” he reflects. 

Bob Yeager

Bob Yeager

Workplace Mobile Blood Drive
Bob's journey into blood donation began about 40 years ago the same way many people donate for the first time; with a workplace mobile blood drive. "The first donation wasn't really a big deal," he recalls modestly. "But I felt really good afterward knowing that I had helped my local blood bank." Little did he know that this initial act of generosity would spark a lifelong commitment to saving lives.

Short Supply of Blood
Reflecting on the motivation behind his dedication, Bob recounts a moment of realization. "I had heard about the need for blood on commercials but never gave it much thought," he admits. "But then I heard there was a short supply... I thought it was a good time to give." 

Commitment to Donating Every 8 Weeks
This awareness drove him into action. Over the years, Bob's commitment to donating every eight weeks remains steady. "I really know it's going to help people somewhere," he emphasizes. As a grandfather and great-grandfather, he hopes his contributions will ensure that help is available when his loved ones or anyone else in need requires it.

Throughout his journey as a Hoxworth blood donor, Bob has encountered numerous heartwarming moments, but one moment he will never forget is the time his blood may have helped save a friend's life after a tragic car accident. 

"It was a wonderful feeling knowing I helped him by continuously donating blood," he recalls with emotion. These stories serve as a powerful reminder of the impact of his contributions and the importance of having blood on the shelf for any unexpected moment.

Despite his remarkable achievements, Bob remains humble, cherishing the connections he's built with the Hoxworth Anderson staff and fellow donors. "I share my total units with the staff every time I donate," he shares. His cheerful spirit and quick wit have endeared him to both staff and fellow donors, making each visit a cherished experience.

Bob Yeager after his 200th donation

Bob Yeager after his 200th donation

The Need for Blood Donors is Greater than Ever

Bob understands the growing needs of more blood donors in the greater Cincinnati Tri-State area. “I know the need for blood is greater now than ever before. With so many surgeries going on to save lives, more blood is needed.”

"I encourage everyone to give that first unit of blood," he urges. "You'll be surprised how easy and painless it will be and I feel absolutely without a doubt, wonderful, every time I donate."

As he continues his journey, Bob's message rings clear: the need for blood donors is greater than ever, and every donation makes a difference. Bob plans to continue visit Hoxworth Anderson every eight weeks for his whole blood donation and hopes that more people follow in his footsteps in making a difference, one donation at a time. 

Be a local superhero like Bob and follow in his footsteps by scheduling your lifesaving blood donation below.