#FillTheBag with a lifesaving blood donation. Will you accept the challenge?

Hoxworth Blood Center invites our Tri-State community to partake in a #FillTheBag challenge by donating blood to save a life then tapping others to do the same within two weeks.


#FillTheBag Challenge

The Hoxworth #FillTheBag challenge offers a life-changing opportunity to do a good deed on a grand scale. We aim to shine a spotlight on the importance of blood donation while promoting this heroic act on social media to encourage others to join the Tri-State in Saving Lives Close to Home. 

Here's how to Save a Life:
1. Schedule donation
2. Share donation selfie using hashtag #FillTheBag and tag @hoxworthUC on Facebook and Instagram
3. Tap three or more friends and/or family to join our #FillTheBag challenge and donate within two weeks

Five winners using the #FillTheBag hashtag will be selected at the end of each month to win a pair of Kings Island tickets

Join the mission and save a life! We'll be passing out #FillTheBag stickers and signs at our seven Neighborhood Donor Centers and mobile blood drives. Hoxworth will also randomly pick a participating #FillTheBag donor each month to win a grand prize. 

What can be more magnificent than rolling up a sleeve to help patients in the Tri-State who rely on Hoxworth Blood Center to supply blood for lifesaving medical procedures?