Premier Donor Club

Your donations don’t just change the lives of patients in the Tri-State area! Make your blood or platelet donations work for you when you sign up for our Premier Donor Club. To get started, you’ll need to make sure you have an up to date email address in your donor portal or create a donor portal account with your donor ID. Please make sure to use a current, correct email address when signing up! 

Effective January 2020, revisions have been made to the Premier Donor Club to increase the selection of rewards and make redemption easier and faster for donors. Hoxworth's new donor store will allow our donors to choose from a much broader selection of incentive items, including many national brands which can be redeemed online, thus eliminating the wait for mail to arrive at your home. Donors will earn a dollar amount to spend in the online Donor Store (as opposed to points).

Donors will earn awards based on their specific donation platform. Whole blood and red cell donors can accumulate an award value of up to $60 to be redeemed for e-gift cards. Platelet and plasma donors can accumulate an award value of up to a value of $425 per calendar year. Important to note, this will replace the All Season Platelet program.

For more information, visit our Premier Donor Club FAQ. 

  • Whole Blood Donors will earn an award valued at $20 following three donations and $40 following six donations. A maximum value of up to $60 for the calendar year.
  • Red Cell Donors will earn an award valued at $20 following two donations and $40 following three donations. A maximum value of up to $60 for the calendar year.
  • Platelet and Plasma Donors can earn up to a value of $425 per calendar year. Awards will be given following every third donation. 

The rewards program will reset every year on January 1st, so donors have a full calendar year to earn their rewards. 

Whole Blood Donation Rewards
Number of Whole Blood Donations Rewards
3 $20 Reward
6 $40 Reward
Red Cell Donation Rewards
Number of Red Cell Donations Rewards
2 $20 Reward
3 $40 Reward
Platelet & Plasma Donation Rewards
Number of Platelet / Plasma Donations Rewards
3 $25 Reward
6 $25 Reward
9 $50 Reward
12 $25 Reward
15 $50 Reward
18 $25 Reward
21 $75 Reward
24 $150 Reward

We are excited about the new rewards program and feel that it will provide for a better donor reward experience by offering more selections and faster redemptions.  Should you have any questions regarding your donor points, please feel free to contact us at your convenience at 513-451-0910.  We look forward to thanking you in person at your next lifesaving blood donation.